Tab order not working with 2013R3 for Popumenu, Checkbox, Button


I’m running my project on a second Mac for Testing screen sizes, etc. (MBP 13" for development, iMac 21" for Testing). On the iMac I installed a fresh release 2013R3.3 on the MBP there is still Version 2013R3.1 installed.

On the MBP the TabOrder works fine. Running the same project on the iMac every PopupMenu, Checkbox and Button is no longer in the Taborder and is skipped.

Is this a “new feature”? I did not find any changes mentioned in the change logs that might need my action to change something in my project/code. Should I downgrade to Version R3.1 and wait for a fix?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

It’s an OS X feature. Make sure you have Full Keyboard Access enabled (in the Keyboard System Preferences pane, Shortcuts tab).

Hi Paul. Txs! Forgot about all of this standard options (after done once)…