Tab Order for 2015 or newer not working properly


i am currently in the process of adding a new field to an already existing window. The window has a specific tab order, so when i added this new field i changed the tab order of the window to recognize this new field. the issue is that when i tab through, everything works but it skips my new tab, even though in the tab order menu it is in the correct spot, and the tab index is the next number after the previous field.

ive tried changing the tab index and changing the tab order, none of these work.

the strange part is that when i tab through it will skip over my new field, but when i back tab (shift+tab) it works properly and will recognize my field and then will go from the new field to the one before it, but one i hit tab it skips right over it again.

Is the TabStop property for the control ON? If so, do you have a small sample project you can share for people to take a peek at?

Yes, the tabstop property is on. the project is too large to share, and if i make a new one i dont think i will have the same issue. i can try though

I found the issue, in the code was a hard coded tab order so i had to remove that so that the tab order could work properly.