Tab Order Bug - may be Web 2.0 issue

Wasting my time again? I just tried to create a simple web-form for replacing the API driven stuff from my homepage. The App works. Saving. Next morning: Nothing works any more, all pages are looking strange and can not be used. My tolerance level went below zero.

After a time I found the reason: Saving. Saving and loading destroys the tab order, it seems to go from outside to inside and re-order everything. Here my questions:

  • Is this a normal Xojo behaviour?
  • Is it a bug which I should (try to) post?
  • Is there any known “issue” open already?
  • Is there any acceptable way to work around?

I did not found any properties (for order or z-order), only some JavaScript snippets to play around with. If I would like to play JS I would not use Xojo. So here is my video:

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It looks like your fields/controls are “unparented” from the rectangle and when you save as binary and load the project again, the fields/controls are now childs of the webrectangle.

I remember creating a bug report about this: #60161
It looks like is not assigned to someone, I’m not sure if @Ricardo_Cruz needs to work on this or someone else as this may be related to the IDE and not directly to Web.

Please open an Issue, or comment on Alberto’s ticket. It definitely looks like a bug.

During the bug bash I’ve seen a few issues happening only while working with binary projects. Have you tried to save them in a different format by any chance?

I do not want them to be “parented” - they should stay ABOVE the rectangle. And if they do: It looks very good if it is working correctly.

Yes I tried the other Save-Modes also - with the same result.

If you move controls above the rectangle, they will be parented, the controls will become children of the rectangle. What isn’t expected is saving them “unparented” and seeing them “parented” again, when loading the project.

I could not have expressed that better :grinning:

This particular case is not save format dependent.

Correct. Is that something you can work on or someone else needs to work on it?

Maybe you can have the Rectangle “out of the way” (not behind any control) and move it in the opening event, until this bug is fixed?

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Wahooo !

You are my hero, that helps. Thanks a lot. I mark this as the solution even if it is not really a fix but more of a work-around.

@Xojo: Quality is the degree in which a product or a service fulfills the expectations of a customer. Only to mention again.


Finally this bug has been fixed with 2022R3 - Cheers & thanks a lot!

Nope. I was too early. It is NOT fixed in 2022R3 - it only works if you save as “xojo_project”. If you use the binary save it still changes the order and re-ordering does not work across the levels. Albertos solution is the way to go.

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