Tab bar Icon Size

Not sure what I’ve missed, docs say for an icon for the iostabbar create around 50x50, so I do and see it look incorrect in the IDE and bigger than the bar in the simulator, (5s and 6).



Both icons are 50x50.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Richard

I’d actually use 44 x 44

I did find that page, felt good that 50 x 50 should be ok. Just tried 44 x 44, not brilliant either, top of the left one still clips the top of the tab bar.

Thanks though.

I use 32x32 icons in my app’s tabbar and they look good to me. Also be use to add @2x and @3x versions for retina devices.

In the IDE ?
Or in the simulator ?

In the IDE it may just be a drawing bug since we custom draw everything (unlike desktop where we can have the OS draw it for us)

In the simulator well … that’s Apple & we dont do anything special to scale the icon etc.

I have it in my head we used 28 x 28 for the XDC application but then it also has the icon + text label under it

Thanks. I did find some useful info here, which is slightly out of date and that leads to this,

Interesting reading for the night!

[quote=202781:@Norman Palardy]In the IDE ?
Or in the simulator ?

That was in the Simulator. I’m good for now tho’.Thanks