Sytem Error #512

If I run Xojo using a remote drive I get this system error while buildung the application.
Running the project on a local drive I don’t get it and it builds fine.
Is there a topic in the preferences panel I shoud alter?
It’s not very handy to downlad xojo-projects to a local drive, work on it and store it again somewhere where it ist safe and backuped. And it is the risk of loosing control which is the last and correct project.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!

You shouldn’t use synced or remote directories (especially things like DropBox, iCloud, etc) to store your projects. For backup and sharing you should use GIT or Subversion. There is no setting in Xojo that can change this.


At the bottom of the navigator on the left, click on the word “Shared” under “Build Settings”. Look at the right and find “Destination” under the “Debug” section. Set this to a folder on your local drive. When you run your application in the IDE, it will build the executable in that folder instead of your remote folder where your project is stored. Make sure this folder is not in a location that is syncing to the Cloud.

But you may still run into issues when saving, correct? I think there was a thread relatively recently where someone was using a remote drive and the save was failing silently because of the sync functionality, so they lost work because the save was being overwritten by the sync.

I use iCloud Drive and keep my binary project on it and run and save just fine for the past 6 months

Good to know. I’d still avoid it and use GIT or Subversion if only to be sure such a thing never happens, but to each their own.

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Oh 100%, I still use Git but “locally” where the files live is on iCloud Drive

Why ?

iCloud works fine until it doesn’t. Please search the forum for iCloud problems. And if you have to use the binary project file at least use external items so that your work isn’t hosed when the main project file is destroyed.

Or, if like me, you don’t want to use these, use a NAS or a remote computer that doesn’t sync automatically.

Or you organize your Project folder ?

For example (macOS, but I have the same for Windows 10):

This can be done regardless of where you save, which is the original question :wink:

Even with organising your projects folder, how would you handle the possible need to open them in several computers (not even necessarily at once), if not on some kind of “server” (a.k.a. always-running device)?
Hint: copying on a USB stick between computers isn’t the best approach :wink:

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