System.VersionData on non-mobile platforms?

Earlier today, a tip was posted in the Announcements category and on the Xojo blog discussing the System.VersionData class.

In reviewing it, I wonder, how can System.Version be supported on all targets, when its return value (System.VersionData) says it is only supported on mobile targets?

System.Version documentation
System.VersionData documentation

And if it’s only supported on mobile targets, why would it ever display any of these values as discussed on the blog post:


I think you might be misinterpreting the docs. The sentence “This class is supported on Mobile.” does not mean it is ONLY supported on mobile.

Documentation bug, it should say “Supported for all project types and targets.” or more to the point it should not specify if it works on all.

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That is wrong, if the docs speciify a target, that exclude the others.

Where are you seeing that, in that link it says: Supported for all project types and targets Checked on historic archive and that page shows the same since 2019.

Checked the “new” documentation and IT SUCKS:

Notes about Version?
Nop, another problem of having all smashed together without propper divisions.

Compatibility All project in all OSes.??
WTF, not all the methods are available in all places. There is NO info on what is available where :man_facepalming:t2:

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I see that on the link included on my original post for System.VersionData. It also says the same thing on the page for System.VersionData.ToString:

Cough… beta… cough…

Ok, thanks. Didn’t occur to me that this could’ve been out there more than 2 years now and not reported.

Thanks for pointing this out, VersionData is supported for all project types on all supported operating systems and this is clear in the docs now.


If you mean the various System methods, that’s true of the existing wiki docs as well but we will get that information added.