System.VersionData and macOS 13.2

So System.VersionData will crash on macOS 13.2 when you compile(d) your app on older Xojo versions. We know this and it is fixed in the recent Xojo versions.

Today I got the first reaction of a customer who reported one of my older apps are crashing now (due to this issue).
Result, the customer upgraded (payed upgrade) to the latest major version.
Sometimes a bug can have advantages. :slight_smile:


With Ventura (b) fast update ?

The customer installed macOS 13.2 public beta 2

I’m aware of a case that people got an app broken using 13.1, but once they upgraded to the beta 13.2 it worked again. So the 13.2 “unbroke” the System.Version

System.Version is only broken with 13.2 (and upwards).

Not sure if 13.2 Beta 2 fixed it. It was released 3 days ago.

No it wasn’t fixed with beta 2 and it will never be fixed either because it is not Apples fault.
It was Xojo Inc that parsed the text wrong. It is now fixed in Xojo 2022R4.1
So if you use System.version in your app, you will need to recompile and release it for your users, otherwise it will crash when the user installs macOS 13.2 (or any future version)

See this thread: NilObjectException for System.VersionData

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There are reports of Xojo apps that failed with previous beta now working again with beta 2, like:

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The breakage is caused by the new Rapid Security Response updates, and how they append to the version number. Apple did two of these during beta 1, mainly for testing.

Beta 2 wiped that slate clean. The next RSR (drill or otherwise) will likely re-introduce the issue.