New Plugins Pro for Ventura?

@Tim_Parnell any news on when a new version of Plugins Pro will be released which is built with the latest Xojo 2022 R4.1 ie later than 1.3.4. I have a number of plugins I would like to install, but cannot, and don’t want to return to the Dark Ages of dragging plugins in/out!

Sorry about that.

Quite honestly this was very low on my priority list because it only affects beta versions of Ventura (this is the System.Version exception caused by the new flag in the macOS version string that Xojo was told not to parse). I was under the expectation that in release versions of the OS, this would not be an issue. Ventura 13.1 in my test environment won’t reproduce the behavior.

I then got caught up in contract work and haven’t had a chance to poke at my free apps for the last couple of weeks.

I apologize for the delays. I can very much sympathize with using a development tool that’s suddenly broken and the frustration that causes. I will take a look at my free apps this weekend at the latest and should hopefully have an update for you early next week.

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell :slight_smile:


Thank you!

You are correct, that’s true, but ONLY if the next release integrates previous hotfix/security fix patch. I also expect that with the release of the 13.2 (late January or early February) they integrate those patches and such crash will be automagically eliminated… UNTIL another macOS patch gets released breaking things again.

Plugins Pro 1.3.4 is working again now that I have updated to Ventura beta 2.

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That is likely because it rolled in the previous rapid-response updates (you won’t see “(a)” or (“b”) in the version numbers anymore.) This will hold until the next one of those.