System Requirements for old versions?

Hi Folks, I am trying to find the latest version of some software that a user can run on his absolutely ancient machine but the notes I have from the other developer do not include OS requirements, only the version of Xojo (then RealBasic) it was compiled with.

I have looked, but the most recent list on the xojo site does not go back far enough. Is there a complete list of RealBasic versions and their MacOS system requirements anywhere? Or if not complete at least going back towards 2010 or so? Earlier would be even more helpful :wink:

With the REALbasic version you may know the date.

With wikipedia, you can get the MacOS version depending on the above date…

What is the the REALbasic version ?

I actually have to go the opposite direction as far as the conversion :wink: I know that he wants to run the app under OSX 10.3.9 and be a PPC app! I have the list of RealStudio versions that were used to compile all the app versions that were around that right time, but without the requirements of each RS/RB version I don’t know where to draw the line for him.

And yes, 10.3.9 was released in 2005… but he wants to keep using his G4 cube to run it! The app has been around a very long time, even back into the classic OS days! So there almost certainly is a more recent version he can run than what he’s running, but without some table that shows me what RB versions could compile for 10.3.9 I can’t tell him anything other than to experiment which is not completely helpful :wink:

2005 ?
It was the year of REALbasic 5.5.5 and… 2005 (they changed the numbering schema that year) that used a new IDE.

No, these versions are not available there:

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There is a changelog from 2006 in the earliest version from 2007 that they have on that page and while it doesn’t give actual requirements either it does at least have some references to fixes for specific OS versions. So I assume the OS versions mentioned at least work. It’s not enough info yet, but we’re getting closer!

Maybe the WebArchive is helpful…?

The System Requirements (August 2008) say:

Compiled Applications: Intel or PowerPC Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

And in 2010, the notes say the minimum requirements changed (10.4 for Carbon and 10.5 for Cocoa). I think it’s near this.