In one of my projects I have

if System.MouseDown  then  
end if

in textarea: selchange which has worked before but I’ve just noticed in XOJO 2018 r3
that System.Mousedown is treated as false even if the mouse is down.

any thoughts ?


Mac OS 10.14.5
XOJO 2018 r3

It would be helpful to know what “before” means. 2018r2? 2008r2?

I did a compile of in 2018 r2 and I didn’t notice it not working. I just noticed with r3 its not.
Before that it was RS 2010 which I know did work.

Is there a specific reason why you are using System instead of the Control name when checking MouseDown?

The app was originally made in 2004 and I forget why I used system. It worked, up til now, and didn’t question it.

I think this has been the case for quite some time.


I see. Hum… I’ll just have to rework that part. Should be simple enough.


@Eric Richards — The thing with SelChange is that it is fired only after the selection has changed (Xojo 2019r1) so you cannot do anything during the selection process itself, at least not that way.