I can’t get system.log to work on RPi.

Private Function connectbtSerial() as Boolean
  if btSerial1.Open Then
    Return True
    System.Log(System.LogLevelError, "Could not connect Bluetooth with error: " + Str(btSerial1.LastErrorCode))
    Return False
  end if 
End Function

I tryed with debian linux and it logs fine to /var/log/syslog.
Is there known problem with RPi or am I doing something wrong?
(Xojo 2017r3, rasbian strech, console app)

You may not have permission to write to that log unless you launch your app with sudo. The default “pi” user is very restricted.

Works fine. My mistake was that bluetooth serial opens succesfully even when bluetooth device is not there.
As long /dev/rfcomm1 is there, connection can be opened.
And works with pi user…