System.DebugLog - Windows

I re-implemented my debug handling from MsgBox to System.DebugLog. The Xojo Doc states to use a particular debugger for windows, the platform for all development. Searched via google; then attempted to view in Win10 Event Event Viewer. Nothing!

I’m stumped and need more specific info on which debugger (recommended) to use. Thanks for any assistance before answering.

or use the message pane in the IDE if its not too many messages.


in some projects i wrap System.DebugLog into a global Method Debug.

Log looks interesting for Runtime

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Thank you for your assistance, downloaded DebugView, will test it later this week. I may have additional questions on it’s use during debugging.

Marcus, thank you for the assistance, believe I was using the Xojo page you suggested. I coded a global ‘message’ and embedded the System.DebugLog as you suggested. What’s nice is additional parameters, such as the CurrentMethodName.