system.debuglog and NSLog on iOS?


for the running app on the iPhone, I don’t see system.debuglog doing anything.
watching all the debug logs from device in I don’t see my entries. And yes, it’s the right log as I see the reports about my app being installed and crashing.

Doing my own NSLog declare doesn’t work either as it crashes too.

[code]Protected Shared Sub NSLog(s as text)
// log some object

#if TargetMacOS or TargetIOS then

declare sub NSLog lib FoundationLib (format as CFStringRef, label as CFStringRef)

#if TargetIOS then
  dim f as text = "XXXXXX %@" + endofline
  dim f as text = "XXXXXX %@" + EndOfLine.OSX.ToText

NSLog f, s

// not supported
End Sub[/code]

this is some code I wonder if declaring to NSLog with variable parameters requires something special.


I tried more things and I think there may be a big issue with Xojo passing parameters for declares when using variable argument functions.

Xojo doesn’t support calling variadic functions.

so I made a feedback request: