System.DebuglLog v. Xojo.System.DebugLog

According to Xojo Documentation “System.DebugLog” and “Xojo.System.DebugLog” are practically the same.
I’ve tried them in an example and only the first one works: I can see its effect in the Message pane, but the second one does nothing.
Is it a bug or am I missing something when using Xojo.System…?

Six months ago and this fundamentally basic item has never been answered in this forum. That doesn’t exude confidence. I’d say it’s bug.

It is important to remember that this is a community where the other users are answering questions. Not everything gets answered for any number of reasons. Honestly, I’d never seen this thread before today.

Xojo.System.DebugLog and System.DebugLog are two entirely different frameworks.

If you’re using the namespaced framework and have found an issue with it, file a feedback ticket.

Are there additional requirements when using namespace framework outside of creating a Xojo desktop app project and executing:

Xojo.System.DebugLog(“Hello World”)


For the moment, I would stay with the classic framework. There are some features of the “new framework” that are useful and it is fine to use these. The improvements from the New framework are being ported into API 2.0, which is right around the corner. API 2.0 will resemble the classic framework much more than it will the New framework.

Unless there is a compelling reason to use the new framework, my recommendation would be to stay with the classic framework.