Syntax for INSERT INTO for Key ID with IntegerProperty

I’m new to Sqlite and this is an amateur question. I’m trying to insert a Integer property in to the Primary ID row and a string property in the next column. The integer property keeps giving me a syntax error. How do I make it except the RowID Integer. I got the sql code to Select a Row that works. Dim sql As String = "SELECT * FROM FretBoardOption WHERE ID = " + str( RowID )

[code]Dim RowID As Integer
Dim stringPropertyNm As String = “NewString”

RowID = PopupMenu.ListIndex

Dim sql As String = “INSERT INTO dbTable(ID,Column1) VALUES(” + str(RowID),’"+stringPropertyNm+"’)" // <— ?

Dim sql As String = "INSERT INTO dbTable(ID,Column1) VALUES(" + str(RowID)+",'"+stringPropertyNm+"')"
msgbox sql /// use this to view the statement to insure it looks correct, remove it when you are satisfied

It worked. Thank You Dave & Happy New Years

Please check the prepared statement classes.

Especially when you are new to this, you should start the right way.

Thank You Christian for the pointer of where to look. I’ll get on it. There is so much new improved Xojo learning resources and materials on the Xojo website that I have to utilities.