Synology + WE = *Happy face*

Just an FYI really.
Previously Xojo WE apps could not be hosted on a Synology NAS due to an outdated version of glibc on their boxes.
Yesterday Synology released a public beta of their OS, DSM 5.0. I took a chance and updated my good old DS1010+.
It seems they did hear all their users requesting an update of glibc and now WE apps run just fine! :slight_smile:

PS. Don’t worry. No NDA.

wow… this is fantastic!

I thought about buying a Synology box for years, but news like this makes me want to tinker :slight_smile:

do you by chance have a general steps on how to do this on a brand new Synology box?

thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

Sure! Later tonight or so :slight_smile:
The first step is to make sure it’s an x86 box. Not all of them are.

Well, I don’t recall doing much at all to get this working.
Since DSM seems to be 32bit no libs should be needed. I’ve installed a lot of stuff on this box over the years so I don’t remember if I installed anything like that earlier.
I just build as stand along for Linux and launched it through SSH :slight_smile:

I’ve got this box:
Make sure it’s an x86 as I said, not all of their NAS are if I remember correctly :slight_smile:

haha…stand along…STAND ALONE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news Albin, thanks for sharing, have been waiting a long time for this to happen. This is wunderfull news. Indeed a happy face if my tests turn out fine:-)

I don’t know about running Web Edition apps on them, but they seem to be solid devices. I have two five-bay units, one of them with 5x4TB drives and the other 5x3TB drives. The smaller one is probably two years old now and hasn’t had a single problem.

This can be a working lowcost solution for home business or some associations and the like: If one has a fast internet connection (like cable tv) one can use a synology device plus register a domain with, plus its Dyn Standard DNS service, then one can enter this domain in the router (DynDNS) and voila: one can go online with a website and xojowebapp, even without having a fix IP address or an actual PC!

It works, I have tested something similer (linux box, not synology) , even with a SSL certificate! (see , the webapp are cgi only, standalone apps would respond quicker!)

They sure are solid. I’ve got some of them. One DS10101+, Two DS409+ and one DS107e(really old).
The DS1010+ is my main unit where I keep all my files. One DS409+ as off-site backup for the DS1010+. One DS409+ as Subversion Server and the DS107e is an off-site backup for the Subversion server. All runs smooth as silk :wink:

I actually just tested EddiesElectronics on my DS1010+. It runs fine :slight_smile:
Maybe I could start it up and give you guys access to test it if you’re interested? Will not post my IP in public though :wink:

I am testing now. You have to deploy as standalone server on a specific port. The files must be owned by user and group ‘http’. Permissions on the excecutable file should be 755. On the Syno, I store the files in a subfolder of web, where normally webpages are stored.

I have 2 test apps (a Growl example and Eddies store) running (see To kill and start the apps I have made a task in the DSM manager that daily excecutes a shell script to ‘refresh’ the apps.

For what I can see the apps require not much RAM and everything runs smoothly and stable. I am running a DS411+II with Intel Atom D525 Dualcore (2C/4T) 1.8GHz x86 Processor, 64-bits, according to Synology.

If somebody figures out how to run the apps as CGI instead of standalone on a Synology I would appreciate to hear the solution:-) For now I am even more happier with my Syno than I was before, worth every penny invested in it!

CGI should also work. May need some apache tinkering. I’ll see if I can find something out later :slight_smile:

I just purchased a DS214play and it runs WE standalone quite well. I’m interested to know if anyone has tried to get CGI working on it. Overall a very nice little unit! Synology has quite a little setup that works very well for the SOHO / Private developer. Gotta say it may not be cheap but it’s very powerful.

Great Dwane!
Don’t forget you can install the SVN or Git package and run your own version control system :wink:

Works like a charm.

On top of that I have:

  1. 1080p Streaming Media Server (Video, photos & music)
  2. Airprint server (works great with iPad/iPhone)
  3. Web Server (multiple ports are available)
  4. Maria DB Server
  5. DNS Server
  6. Centralized Backup Server (Windows client is free to download and supports Time Machine)
  7. phpMyAdmin
  8. Syslog Server

Compared to my old Windows Server this thing is great. I thought about a Mac Mini server but for the price of a low end Mini I got this with two 3TB Western Digital Reds setup in a RAID 1. It “ONLY” has 1GB of ram but even with all of these processes running I still have 1/4 of that available. They have a really nice very efficient setup on these little boxes. I chose the DS214play model because of the ATOM processor vs ARM just because I wanted to try WebEdition on it. I’m sold on it.

Other services you can run as well:

  1. Asterisk IP Phone System
  2. Various Cloud Backup Systems
  3. DocuWiki
  4. Centralized Download Station
  5. iTunes Server
  6. Joomla
  7. Email Server
  8. Web Email Client
  9. Various CMS / ERP Systems
  10. Helpdesk Systems
  11. Radius / LDAP Servers
  12. VPN Servers
  13. IP Camera Surveillance Server
  14. etc.

Anyone got CGI working on the Synology? Please let us know the trick! Anyways, keep your Synology updated as there is ransomware exploiting a weakness in older firmware.

I haven’t got CGI working. Only get to the “Unable to launch application ‘eew’ on port 9900”.

Can anyone explain, in laymans terms what a synology box is used for? Is it just a NAS?

is Synology able to run services like CubeSQL Server?? can u login remotely and transfer file into the Synology??

i am very confuse about NAS box and whether they can run services like CubeSQL Server in general.

Basically a NAS is just a small computer running (in most cases) Linux.
You control it using their “OS” in a web browser. In Synologys case it’s DSM (Disk Station Manager).
You can try a live demo here:
Files can be transfered using FTP/SFTP/SMB/AFP and such.
You can also access the device using SSH to install linuxy thingies :slight_smile:

It also supports apps to stream videos/music from the NAS to your phone or tablet.
I also use it as a target for Time Machine for backup and I’ve installed an SVN server for our programming projects :slight_smile: