Synology DSM 5.2(Beta) with Docker!

Hey guys,
Just a tip…
If you’ve got a Synology NAS running and you’re feeling lucky and wants to install the new Beta of DSM, it has Docker! (on the + models at least)
I’m no Docker expert but it can be used to install Linux VMs :slight_smile:

I currently got 2 Linux VMs running 12.04, 14.04 in two containers.
Works great so far. Can be great for WE/Console app development.

Really interesting. Which model are you running these on? I’ve got an old DS212+ that I may try this on.

It’s a DS1010+ :slight_smile:

Hello. I have installed 5.2 beta in my DS415+ and I have installed Docker. I installed also GitLab for Docker through synology package but it does not work and when I am trying to run it from Docker it says that it cannot be started because it was installed through synology package.
I tried to install through Docker but I do not know how. Is there any tutorial which shows how to install a package through the application and not through Linux?
Thanks in advance

Sorry Elias, I’ve only managed to install Linux yet.
I’ve tried the Redmine package but i can’t figure out how that works just yet. I’ll try some more :slight_smile:

Whaii! Managed to install Redmine on an Ubuntu 14.04 container :slight_smile:
Redmine really is a hassle to install… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Not the Redmine “click to install” package as I wanted a clean linux container to work with…