Sync Listbox reject selection

In a window, I have four Listbox.
Each one have: this code in the Change Event:

LB_Values.ListIndex = Me.ListIndex LB_Properties.ListIndex = Me.ListIndex LB_Index.ListIndex = Me.ListIndex

(Above: Me refers to the owner’s Listbox whose neme does not appears here: LB_Controls)

The code above change depending on the Listbox (of course).

A single click and Tab (when the Listbox have the focus) are rejected as well as the arrow keys.

LB_Index only other activated Event is CellBackgroundPaint.

I’ve made a search for each and every Listbox in the code and there is nothing (that I saw) who can explain that behavior.

Worst: I forgot to put that code in one Listbox (LB_Controls). The “bad” behavior was not there. It comes once I put that code.

Ideas ?

The LB_Values Listbox have code to edit the Cells: so a Double-Click to edit the Cell, a Return and the Row is selected (I set code to get that). Then I can change the selected Row with the arrow keys.

Also: I can keep that code only in the LB_Values Listbox, but I do not like that idea.