Switching Between Windows

Hey Guys, I’m new to the forum, but have been programming with REAL.BASIC for about two years, on the side, but always did desktop projects. I recently started building a web application and have been wading my way through guess-and-check for quite a while. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to leave window 1 and enter window 2…

The Code I have right now is:

If TF2.text="7" Then WebPage1.Visible=False WebPage2.Visible=True End

TF2 is my text-field that handles the second timer in my program at this point, when the user inputs their username and password, a graphic fires and starts the timer, which has a period of 100. Thanks in advance guys!

Just use WebPage2.Show.

I am having a similar problem writing a new program (desktop application, not web, if it matters). This used to work for me in older programs in RB, but I’m starting fresh in Xojo. When I do what H G did, I get a compile error (“This item does not exist”). When I try what Wayne suggested, I get a different compile error “Static reference to instance method: call this on an instance of class Window.” I tried looking up that error message here but couldn’t follow the ideas given. Doing what H G did above worked fine for me in earlier (RB) programs from a few years back. Thanks for any help.

AHHHH… I had “implicit instance” for my second window turned off. Turn it on and that particular error goes away. Sharing here in case that helps anyone else. I’m sure I’m going to run into other problems, but maybe this one is resolved.