Switch off deprecation messages partly


easy question: how can I switch of deprecation messages.

As I go step by step through the Aloe Express source code and switch trhings to new APIs, I’d like to check “completed” work done.

Is there a compile time #if swtich?

Thanks a lot ,

easy answer: Analsis Warnings in Project Menu

Thanks a lot for the info; did not know this setting.

But, I thought of a compiler switch in source code.

Ok, can set comments and have a list with things todo…

Btw., does the Xjo IDE show comment issues like in IntelliJ? //TODO: …

Thanks again for the tipp!

I do not use IntelliJ…

You can make a search for TODO from the Xojo Code Editor.

If you have a license, you can export the project as xml and search there…

And if you use VCS…

Yes, there are some workarounds; not the biggest problem.
Just am used to it from other IDEs.

Thanks a lot for the info!

Lines marked #pragma warning TODO: will appear in the analyzer…

bookmarks should be saved and can viewed as list to jump in this row

It would’ve been really nice to have a #Pragma DeprecationWarnings False for 2019R2, especially for us third-party devs.

#Pragma Warning "Todo: praise the forum guys!"

Cool idea to emulate an in-IDE task list.

Reading documentation has its benefits;-)

Thanks a lot!