Swift Playgrounds and Xojo @ Apple Store Strasbourg

I watched a demo (!) of Swift Playgrounds @ Apple Store Strasbourg today (30 minutes and…

I talked and demonstrated Xojo (display how easy it is to add a button and MsgBox “Hello World”), then two of my projects at the attendee and the demonstrator (who do not know what Xojo is. *

  • A true shame ’cause I knew REALbasic from Apple Developer News around 20 years ago !

Swift Playgrounds: a Lego à la Apple in 2018. On iPad; I saw an iPad Pro…

not sure what Swift had to do with your demonstration

Swift Playground is not a development tool… its a place to learn Swift, and test Swift code… so comparing Playground to Xojo is not a valid comparison…

It was the real subject; an intro to Swift Playground made by Apple. (intro to programming an iPad).

And yes for the second sentence.

I am not disputing that Apple provided a Demonstration of Swift Playground…
What I am trying to understand is what that (if anything) has to do with Xojo or any demonstration YOU made?

I was there, there was an audience (and nobody to attend the next “Swift Playgrounds” demo) and I show them a different thing (an IDE).

Can you elaborate a bit what you do not understand ?

Even if the two do not play in the same category, this is development on computer, (yes apple and oranges), not carpenter and space navigation.

Is it ?

I have respect to wood carpenters (I love wood) and will like to travel in space (will never do like 99% of us).

Never mind… I think I will just stop trying to understand you… sorry

If you do not try to explain, for sure I will not understand.

Dave is right. Comparing Swift Playground with Xojo is useless.
A good comparison would be Swift with Xojo (and Xojo would loose considerably).

Btw Playground is just a doodle pad to test simple Swift code.

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