Survey: XDC 2023?

After all of the fun we had in Nashville, we have been getting lots of questions about when the next XDC will happen. Please fill out the survey linked below if you have interest in attending a Xojo Developer Conference next year. I want to be clear that there are no promises, we are just looking into it as an option and are trying to assess interest in doing such an event. I appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer these questions and as always, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any additional feedback or comments.

XDC 2023 Survey

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Additional comments or feedback sometimes need more than 250 characters. In my personal opinion, I do believe that there are many marketing actions that could be done in order to increase the number of attendees without reducing the total invoicing amount you could generate. It is an event to promote the spread of XOJO, increase loyalty and generate more developers. It is easy to say “reduce de cost”, but I am pretty sure that reducing the cost for the developers would not represent a reduction on the total revenue of the event.