Survey about European MBS Xojo Conferences 2017

We are checking options for another Xojo related conference in 2017.

Again we look for a place in Germany, but this time we consider whether we go to Berlin instead of Koblenz. Berlin could be a city where people may go for additional days for some sight seeing and entertainment. Berlin will definitive be more expensive as the hotels have higher rates, unless we stay far outside. But if we go there, we need to make that decision soon to reserve the space in advance to get good rates.

Date could be somewhere in May/June 2017 as fall is taken by Xojo Inc. for their Xojo Developer Conference. And I would expect the next XDC in 2018. (@Xojo: If you do something in Spring 2017, please tell me soon!)

If you have time, please fill this survey with just 10 questions. Please leave name/email for further questions. For additional comments, please email us or comment here. Please don’t do the survey twice. Thanks.

anyone else wants to comment?

One assumes that British users need not do the survey now?

( Sorry - couldn’t resist ) :wink:

One thing is sure: I can only organize something inside the EU. So there may be no more conferences from me in UK if they really leave.

well we could wait till Scotland will rejoin EU in… perhaps 2-3 years? Sorry couldn’t resist either :wink:

One in Scotland could actually be cool.
plus a week of holiday :slight_smile:

So far I have 28:29 votes on Berlin:Koblenz.
And for most people the dates don’t matter.

But please if you know there is a big trade show or other event which may conflict, please tell me.