Surprise .. Rosetta2 removed in next macOS version (for some regions)

Reading the comments at Macrumors… it’s not a very welcome ‘feature’ that’s coming up. :slight_smile:

A lot of silly comments.
Apple has not told why this string is there.
Maybe they have legally to disable it for some countries due to sanctions, copyright or patent problems.

I hope Apple can soon comment on this.


may result…

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This does not seem to be new thing, this post on the Apple support is from early December.

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Yes, no lack of silly comments on Macrumors :slight_smile:

But there’s the rub. To this point I’ve not seen this reported anywhere else; I might dig some more after writing this. I would hold any judgement till I read about it on a site like arstechnica, or a blog like Howard Oakley’s at Those are places where both the article and the comments would offer more light than heat. :slight_smile:

I think the fact that it had region coding in it from start and that Apple rushes to remove it as soon as possible (which they did last time), means maybe Apple does not own the technology and has cost of licensing it.

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The firt Rosetta was developed by an Apple Employee (Apple said it was not possible). I suppose he did it on his own spare time.

Maybe this employee works elsewhere…

… or Apple want a fast transition… who knows !

I remember stories that Rosetta 1 was licensed, so Apple didn’t want to pay for it too long.
I hope Rosetta 2 is self made and can run for many years.

Yes, Rosetta 1 was independently developed (I don’t remember its original name, nor the firm), and Apple bought/licensed it.

Edit: looked it up and yes, it was licensed :slight_smile: