Support Stock Chart

Do you have any plans to support Stock charts in Xojo? The other chart types are good, but being able to display Stock prices in the standard format is also desperately needed!

  • Rangarajan

Can you please describe in more detail what you need?
Do you have an example graphic?

A stock chart typically has 4 points in each element: Open, Close, High, and Low. This is used to display stock market movement.
Here is an image:

The X-axis shows the date/time and Y-axis shows the price.

Hope this helps.

  • Rangarajan

THis is a Type of Chart we currently really can’t draw using the Xojo Chart Object. I am not a graphics person, maybe someone in this Forum can help you out with a Canvas based solution. :slight_smile:

I think you might want to embed a html chart library in a HTMLViewer. You can use chartjs for example but there are plenty of js libraries available for that.

You can embed the javascript file in your app so you do not rely on a cdn to retrieve the javascript file.

Hope this helps

Hi @Rangarajan_Krishnamoorthy

There is no current support for that chart type, but you can file a feature request for it (so others can add a “thumbs up” if they feel the same need) at

I think Chart.js (the one we use on Xojo Web) doesn’t support that chart type either.

From their site , there is also the link to the source of this chart

Yeah, my fault. Is not part of Chart.js base but a module.

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Sorry if this is a silly suggestion but what about using charts from TradingView inside a web container?

Should be possible as long as you follow their license:

… This license requires specifying TradingView as the product creator. You shall add the “attribution notice” from the NOTICE file and a link to to the page of your website or mobile application that is available to your users. As thanks for creating this product, we’d be grateful if you add it in a prominent place.

I believe MBS ChartDirector for Xojo has financial charts that support what you’re describing.

You are right. I have just purchased the plugin. Thanks.