Support for Yosemite

I see that MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) is still listed as acceptable for running the latest release of Xojo, and presumably applications built with this release. However, I found this week that the latest version of the Xojo Feedback app, is nonfunctional in Yosemite. It may or may not open a window when it starts up, but even if it does, most of the controls are missing and those that are present, are non functional.

Problems with Yosemite aren’t limited to Xojo. There are a number of applications that claim to run under Yosemite, but don’t. LibreOffice 6 is a good example, and there are others.

I’ve always believed in the maxim “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and so I’ve stayed with Yosemite as long as possible. I dread system upgrades because I usually spend at least a week getting all of my applications working again. And, since so many applications claim to run under Yosemite, there didn’t seem to be a pressing need to change. However, this week, I finally gave in and updated to Sierra. The Xojo Feedback app is now working, along with a bunch of other things that never worked correctly (or at all) with Yosemite (even though they were supposed to).

So, just a heads up for anyone creating applications with Xojo: Don’t assume that it’s going to run under Yosemite (or other old versions) without actually testing to make sure that it really does work.

@Robert Weaver — I’ve always believed in that maxim too and until very recently I was still on macOS 10.2.6 happily developing with RS 2012r2.1 (the best version ever, imho).

I won’t bother you with the details, but I am now aware of one thing: it is usually OK to update macOS from version N to N+1 but updating from N to N+2 (or more) will open the doors of Hell!

I was going to do the n+1 upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan, but wasn’t able to download the El Capitan installer. No matter though, the Sierra upgrade was quite painless.

BTW, another problem that has gone away is a memory leak & crash in a heavily recursive Xojo application that I’d been having trouble with. Yet another reason to abandon Yosemite.

About painless, the latest High Sierra update 10.13.6 has turned my iMac late 2011 into an unstable monster that restarts at random.

Also sometimes as I am working, the mouse freezes, and I have to do a hard shutdown.

I thought it was a good excuse to get a new machine, but as it happens, the tax man dried up my money :frowning:

I will have to live with it for a while…

Don’t upgrade to High Sierra. It has turned gremlin.

Yes, I’ve heard many bad things about High Sierra. That’s why I decided to go no further than Sierra, at least for now.

on a 2011 iMac, it can be the graphic card that is dying, being more heavily used on 10.13 than before.

It restarts when the machine is asleep. The graphic card is not active.

Install High Sierra from scratch. Random restarts are not a good idea for working.

The latest security patch made my iMac not start up at all. I’m not going to try again. Security be damned.

It makes you wonder, if things are like this are intentional…

I was having a frustrating experience with my 2015 MacBook being a jerk fest when watching YouTube or Netflix, reverting it back to 10.10 and using FireFox fixed it. I too even thought that it was perhaps time to consider replacing it (if I do it won’t be another Mac). Turns out that under load with newer OS versions, the machine was being throttled to the point where it couldn’t play back video.

Shame reverting the OS can’t fix a broken keyboard :frowning:

Expensive and broken hardware ?