Support for RowTag with WebListboxRowData in Web 2.0

I think this should get some attention. I’m currently working around this oversight right now This looks to be a showstopper for ActiveRecord, ARGen and Web 2.0; but please take a look at and comment on the ticket :slight_smile:


Currently, if you use WebListbox.RowTag when the WebListbox is set up to use a DataSource, you get an UnsupportedOperationException.

It would be nice to be able to store a RowTag in the WebListBoxRowData returned from the RowData function.

WebListbox could add a function to get the WebListBoxRowData for a row (preferable), or WebListbox.RowTagAt could return the tag stored in the WebListBoxRowData (easy to use).


What about an array of Variants tied to the WebListBox:
Add an entry when you add a Row to the WebListBox:,
Read the Array(RowAt) at need time.

Workaround until it will be implemented ?

That probably won’t work. When users click on a header to sort rows on the browser, that array will suddenly be in the wrong order.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had tried a method similar to that, but even if I update the order with SortedPrimaryKeys the SelectedRowIndex is relative to what data is loaded, not all rows. The keys got misaligned very easily with a fast scroll.

If that’s so, please get a bug report in ASAP so we can fix it in 1.1.

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Done <>

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It is not possible to replicate the Sort in the Array the same as in the WebListBox ?

Remember: just a positive suggestion. It may be wrong.