Support for CM4

Please forgive a long-time absentee for asking something that might have been already answered before.

Back in 2017 I create a lab-equipment based on Xojo web and Raspberry Pi (see my article in xdevmag 15.1, “Xojo Pi Lab”). This equipment has performed flawlessly (knock-on-wood) and the school has now requested a quote for two additional rigs connected with two new heat-pumps. Fun!

Checking the market for Raspberry Pi I see there are many industrial offerings based on RPi CM4S modules - for example Panel PC - 7" Raspberry Pi Water-Resistant Industrial Panel PC (CPi-A070WR)

Is it possible to run Xojo Web on one of these?


The architecture seams compatible, but xojo apps are bloated they will have problems running with just 1 Gb of RAM.

Maybe the new model with 2 Gb :thinking:

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For 10 bucks more, get the one with an actual Compute Module 4. It will work fine. I wouldn’t recommend the CM4S generally, when the real CM4 is far more widespread and the Pi Foundation themselves don’t recommend the CM4S except for certain customers.

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Noted. Thanks. Thinking about skipping a display (like on the other units) and go for a DIN-mounted RPi 4…

Hmmm… well, I see that the source code no longer opens in Xojo 2022r4.1… It was created in Xojo 2016(?) and I guess the Web framework has been updated since then… Not much code left in the project when opened. Oh, right…

Now there is Web2 (since Xojo 2020r1 I believe), so you either use Xojo 2019 (for Web1 projects) or convert/rebuild your Web app to Web2.

Gotcha’ - thanks. Will see what way I take here. Home Assistant with ESPhome or JavaScript with a PHP backend are likely candidates.

the Web framework was abandoned and replaced with Web2…

Web 2 dont even have control arrays, controls have a lot less events available. It is also xojo API 2.0 ONLY with no real path to upgrade so to use web 2 you face a comple rewrite.