Superclass selector not showing all classes

I have various subclasses of TextEdit controls. I’m trying to create a new subclass from one of these subclasses. I insert the new class, name it and then hit the pen button to get the Superclass Selector. I navigate through to the TextEdit class, but only two of my 4 TextEdit subclasses are showing in the list. If I type the name of the unlisted superclass in the Super field, the project builds ok so I know the classes are valid.

Why won’t the classes show in the selector? Is this just another annoying bug in the IDE? Or is there something I’m overlooking in creating the subclasses that is causing some classes not to show?

Are they all direct subclasses of TextEdit? And is it really TextEdit, or TextField that you’re subclassing? Not sure a direct TextEdit subclass would be useful. Do some of them inherit from each other? Or all from the same Super?

My bad. I meant to say TextField. I have 4 direct subclasses of TextField but only 2 show up in the list under TextField.

Also, they aren’t found anywhere when I use the Search Classes feature in the selector window.

Sounds like a bug to me

Make a sample and submit the case for analysis. Post case number here please.

I just went to do this and what do you know, but it appears the problem is with classes that are external items. So, I can’t really add a sample project because once I “internalize” all the code, the problem goes away. But, I’ll post a case to Feedback when I have time anyway.

29881 - Superclass selector in Inspector panel not showing external classes

Project included in report.

Steve, if this is the same as <> you might want to suggest the two cases be merged (in Feedback, drag & drop one case onto the other case).

Thanks for the heads up. I did search the cases before submitting mine, but this one did not turn up for me. I searched for “external classes not showing in superclass selector” but this case refers to “only internal cases showing”. Saying the same thing, but search couldn’t know that!

Looks like Norman already merged the cases.