Super long side in WebEdition? Good way to load?

I’m using the WebEdition. I have a ContainerControl. I repeat this CC for each row I need it.
For each row [ContainerControl] Xojo have to load a small picture with 50x50 pixels and show it.

With 10 Container Control in runs fast. But with 150 or 300 it is very slow.

My idea: I load 10. When the user scrolls to the buttom of the page, it should load the next 10 ContainerControls, and so.

Is there a EventHolder for regonize if the User scrolls down to the end of the page?

Or does one know a better solution?

Oh, I often have code which uses a timer to add content while user already can see/use first data items.

So using a timer to load more content is a good idea.

Thats a brilliant idea. Thanks!