Super Class in iOS

I’m not new to programming in VBA (20+ years), but am new to XOJO . I understand most of the concepts with classes, although I’m still learning.
I’m extremely new to iPhone/iOS programming as I just purchased my first MacBook Pro - been a PC guy since my first TRS80.

I’ve noticed that many of the objects in the iOS section have a property called SUPER. I understand that to be a SuperClass that contains some general procedures/functions that apply to a number of more specific objects. If I am correct, why wouldnt all objects have the same Super Class in iOS. Is there somewhere where I can reference what is in the Super Class and what objects use the Super Class?

This question is from a new user regarding Xojo super classes on iOS. You can see the iOS breakdown here, with Super classes mention in each one:

You’ll find many come from iOSControl which is talked about here: