Suites in Monte Carlo?


here is some photo I made last time I walked though Monte Carlo Hotel:

Does someone have details about the different room types?

If I’m not coming alone, I may want to get a bigger room, but website doesn’t really give much information. :frowning:

Hotel 32 is the upper floors of the Monte Carlo offering a more luxurious type of hotel within the Monte Carlo Hotel (hotel within the hotel). The website was very helpful when I was booking our room for my wife and I. Hotel32 has concierge service, private pool, and spa. Its more expensive so be aware of the room differences beginning with Hotel32 vs. the Monte Carlo ones.

HTH :slight_smile:

I dont intend on spending that much time in a room anyways
Passed out at a card table, maybe a craps table, or on a couch somewhere at the conference works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Wife can have the room :slight_smile: