Suggestion for OS bug report without developer status

Desktop problem
I need to send in a bug report for this problem of transferring text files to different OS’s. I do know it is not just computers but OS’s.

I use XOJO to write a Flash Card program to learn a foreign language, specifically Korean.

Korean is one of the languages with the characters we see being “composed”. What we see is composed from two to five characters.

I have a problem with file names being decomposed when they are in a text file.

I tried circumventing the decomposition by changing the separator between the extension and the rest of the name to an excluded character, but that didn’t work. The character on not Linux is “:”.

Windows had a thing for potential bug-reports and I filed it and it was ignored.

How can I submit a report?

I would suggest that you use ASCII or ANSI for the file names if you want x-plat compatibility. You’re free to do what you want with the contents of the files, but keep the file names as universal as possible. Encodings are a complicated beast, and that’s made worse by trying to be x-plat.

When I think about it, their ASCII, in the case of Korean, starts off with KaNaDa or their alphabet. It probably would be too much to hope for.

It has gotten better for UTF in file names. I restored a back up and found all of the Korean named files were decomposed.