Subscription based iOS

I gather that MBS’ StoreKit allows for Apple’s subscription services.
But wow… it all looks complex.

Has anyone launched a ‘monthly subscription’ iOS app using this kit, who could comment on whether it makes sense versus a one-time upfront fee, and how it is achieved?

I am using subscriptions since April this year.

I am planning on sending Christian an updated example project that shows how to implement subscriptions using StoreKit MBS.

Making sense depends on the type of app you provide.
It also depends on the market… Since moving to subscriptions, sales in US have gone up.
Sales in Russia, Ukraine and Spain have gone down by 90% so I had to switch back to one-time purchases on those markets.


That’s interesting. My main market is USA. Russia and Ukraine are tiny by comparison.
Christian could use some real-world examples for the kit, for sure.
Any idea when you might do that?
I’m about a month away from launch if I do one-time fee (is easy), but because people make a business from using my software, theres an odd feeling of missing out…
Even a price of between 10 and 20 gets some people baulking at the cost,
but a monthly sub of 2 is a low entry point , if they want to use the software for years to make money for themselves, and should be a better return if they maintain the sub for a year.

I’m currently implementing a subscription for my macOS app. So your example would be super helpful.

The documentation from Apple doesn’t contain any screenshots and is super idiotic.

Fww Russia is in war with Ukraine.
Apple and other EU and US company cannot sell to Russia. Hence why you have no sales.

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Great. I look forward to it.

And if you like, consider a presentation about it for next conference :slight_smile:

Russia is my 2nd biggest market in terms of downloads and 6th in terms of sales. I can assure you my apps are still sold in Russia.

I did A/B testing in all countries.
A-test being one-time purchase, B-test being subscriptions.
Measurement is purchase rate.

Purchase rate for the B-test (subscriptions) in Ukraine and Russia was 0%.

One-time purchases still work in Russia, Ukraine and Spain. Perhaps subscription purchases are forbidden in Russia.
Regarding Spain, I guess it is cultural. Spanish people don’t like being tied to a service with a subscription.

I hate deadlines, hence why I work alone :face_with_peeking_eye:
Send me a kind reminder on Monday if you have no news about this.

This is great news for you. US based people aren’t turned away by subscriptions.



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Cough… it’s Monday.

@Jeremie_L : may I remind you of the example?

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