Submitting desktop apps to Mas without provisioning profiles

Until recently I submittet my desktop apps to MAS without bothering for provisional profiles. After uploading my bynaries, Transporter would show a warning about the lack of provisional profiles.
But recently I noticed that apart from Transporter-generated warning, from Apple I receive also a mail warning about this lack of provisional profiles.
So, since I’d like to continue submitting desktop apps without provisional profiles, is there a way to do it so that these warnings stop bothering me?
BTW: in itunesconnect, in the Provisional Profile tab for my apps I did not add anything. Nor did I drop any provisional profile in AppWrapper.
Sonoma 14.5; Xojo 1021r2.1 (but in case I have the last version as well).
Suggestions welcome.

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Now keep going with your fight with Apple. Sorry for the interruption.

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Additionally, these links provides a lot of tips on many issues of the preparation process:

Thank you, @Rick_Araujo
So it seems that provisioning profiles for desktop apps too are going to become compulsory. My bad.

I really don’t know, I always assumed it was due to: