Subclassing WebDialog


I have a weird problem, I have a WebDialog (sheet) that shows, but no borders are shown, it’s not ‘flowing’ into the page, actually no background is shown of the dialog, only the controls on it. It’s also not placed in the center, but more to the right.
I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I subclassed it because I want a object as a parameter in the constructor. My constructor looks like this:

Constructor(e As Entity)

// Calling the overridden superclass constructor.
// Note that this may need modifications if there are multiple constructor choices.
// Possible constructor calls:
// Constructor() – From WebDialog
// Constructor() – From WebControl
// Constructor() – From WebObject

ReceivingEntity = e[/code]

I suspected it has something to do with the Super.Constructor call. But I tried to change it to WebDialog.Constructor() but that brings no change.

Where is my logic flawed?


What happens if you change to using a method name like Setup instead of using the constructor?

Hi Greg, thanks for your fast reply.

This works fine indeed, there seems to be a bug in the constructor setup. Should I file a bug report?

it’s a known issue.