SubClassed Container Properties

I have a strange problem, I think…

  • I’ve created a subclassed container called “halContainer” with three text properties.
  • Added the three text properties to the list of inspector properties.
  • I then created a container called “ContactsContainer” with some controls on it whose super is “halContainer”.
  • I dragged the “ContactsContainer” to my window as “ContactsContainer1” and set my three text properties in the inspector.

So far so good…

  • On Window open, I call “ContactsContainer1.doStuff”, but when I debug “doStuff” the values of my three text properties are blank…

Am I doing something wrong?

So, I added an Open Event Handler on “ContactsContainer” and set my three text properties and the values are there.

Why can’t I see the values that I set on “ContactsContainer1” on the window?

don’ you need to set the inspector behavior for each new subclass?? that’s what i always do…

I typed them into the properties of the selected container on the window. Is that what you mean?

no, i open the inspector behavior dialog (right click on subclass) for each new subclass and check which property is on.
I do that because i often have the problem that default values aren’t correct. Since i do that i don’t have such issues anymore.
I think xoxo stores the inspector peaces not at the events we would expect… after saving i even check that on an instance in a window…

Oh! So I should tick and untick it to sort of tickle it?

Just tried that. I took them off, closed, reopened, enabled them, set them, closed, reopened. So strange.

i normaly only press save (since V2.x). did it help?

No… I found the problem.

My properties on my subclassed container control were of type TEXT. I changed them to type STRING and now it works!

I get to file my first bug report! :slight_smile:

Thank you Stefan for your assistance.

yvw, see i still use string…

Submitted the bug as 39341 and included a sample file!

Its probably this feedback://showreport?report_id=5215 which is related to them being “Windows but not windows” :stuck_out_tongue:
They’re odd ducks in desktop apps for sure

Thanks Norm! It’s odd that string works, but not text.

Norm, should I not subclass containers and use properties?

Just you may have issues with Inspector Behavior - but that isn’t entirely new

Cool. Thanks! I can deal with that as long as I can have a Text property when string dies.