Subclass Button, IDE properties


I created a subclass of a button. (A browse button like you see in many applications: You click the button an choose a file on the harddisk)
I need this kind of button a lot in my project, so I subclassed it, I have a property ‘AvailableFiletypes’ where I am able to set the filetypes that the GetOpenFolderitem to show. But I want to be able to set this when designing my forms.

I click Inspect Behaviour on that subclass, but the property ‘AvailableFiletypes’ is not in the list, so I cannot add it.
As a follow up question: If I am able to show the property in design time, is it possible that Xojo shows a PopupMenu in the IDE so I can only select the FileTypes that are registered in my project?

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I just figured why it wouldn’t work. ‘AvailableFileTypes’ was a FileType type. That’s why Xojo didn’t show it.

Feature request: Wouldn’t it be nice to also list class types, and index available items of that class type in the IDE?

I created a feature request for this: <>

Or am I the only one who would consider this a really nice feature?