styling iOSTable

It doesn’t appear that there are any built in methods for styling an iOSTable. I would like to design my app with a black background and white text. Has anyone worked out some declares that can style a table like that. For my other screens it’s easy enough to just put a black rectangle in the back and change the text color to white, but I haven’t figured out a way to do anything with a table yet.

Draw what you want in iOSTableCellData.Image like you would in a Canvas. This allows all sorts of styling.

I could try that, but it seems like it would be easier if I could just figure out how change the background color and font color. Do you know if the image property will handle different screen sizes and resolutions automatically? Or do I have to calculate all the dimensions and such myself before creating a new image of appropriate size?

It is probably possible to change style with declares, but it is way more complicated for the average Xojo programmer. See

In order to use iOSTableCellData.Image, if you have set auto layout to modify the control size, you will need to create the image at the time you need it. Resolution is taken care of by Auto Layout.

Yes, I see what you mean. I think for now it will just stay white. I’m still figuring out all the declares needed for the other more critical features of my app. Next on my list is notifications. I think someone has already worked out some of those declares. I just need to go find them and figure out how to adapt to my application. Maybe after working with enough of these I’ll be able to sort out styling my table. Thanks for the pointers.

For some reason even though it seems almost impossible to write an iOS app in Xojo without working through at least a couple dozen declares, I still find it more enjoyable to use than Xcode. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I did iOS for my full time job.

its when I read topics like this one about XOJO for iOS, that I just shake my head… too many hoops for such “simple” things…
a “declare” should ALWAYS be the exception, and NEVER the rule