Styles locally vs cloud question?

Has anyone had a problem with styles of buttons and other things changing once it is on Xojo cloud? Locally my styles appear fine. On the cloud black text is now white and button colors are off. It’s almost like the bootstrap is not on the cloud to be used. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks

Anybody out there on xojo cloud?

@Jason_Parsley do you know of this is a bug.

What you describe has never happened to me.
What version of XOJO do you use?
Are you using XOJO Cloud or a server prepared by you?

I am using Xojo 2022 r4.1. I am using Xojo cloud and not a server that I prepared.

Hi Jeffery, I don’t know but I don’t remember hearing about it. Are you able to reproduce this in a small test project?

I will put one together tomorrow and post it here. Thanks for responding. Really appreciate it.

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I was not able to duplicate this in a small project. Just an FYI… I use bootstrap.min.css for styles. I also use in program style changes to change based on a theme settings. It’s very possible this is my error. If you haven’t heard of a bug like this then Im very sure that it’s a problem I created. I will search through my code and see if I can isolate it. I’ll wait till the next version release and test that before I report it as a bug. Thank you for responding.

Okay, that sounds good. You’re welcome.


Try making a CopyFilesStep under Xojo Cloud for that bootstrap file to copy the css file to the resources directory, after the Build.

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I dont want to sound like a novice but I just have never had a need to use build steps in my years 8 years with Xojo. Im simply not familiar with it and would need some direction setting that up. However, I did my best to emulate this by deploying to cloud, then going through sftp into my cloud resources folder and replacing the bootstrap file. Then I restarted the server. I’m still having the same problem.


I may web wrong about the location. When you build/run it locally, where does the bootstrap.min.css file end up?

It is in the debug build resources folder once I build/run locally

Sounds like something that Xojo will have to figure out then.