StyledTextPrinter prints at different Font Size


When I try to print a StyledText with all font sizes set to 11 points and prints at 16 points - Checking StyledTextPrinterExample, it’s a similar problem (13 vs 17.333).

Does anyone know a solution (apartment from mucking around with the scales?)


It’s a problem since Xojo changed the print resolution from 72 to 96 DPI. You’ll get the same results using macOS PDF PrintPreview.

Thanks for the reply Martin. So would you think the workaround for now would be to change the scale by 72/96?

I think this wouldn’t be a solution, because if you print it physically, could be the printout will be pixelated.
Maybe @Paul Lefebvre has a workaround. I think I made a Feedback case in the past.

Thanks Martin

Hi again,

Just to update, multiplying the Size property by 0.75 (72/96) will bring the font size down to the correct size and prints ok.

Thanks again

Sounds like my analysis was right :slight_smile: