StyledText Problem

When I use styledtext (always) ive had to add some sort of endofline remover “fixer upper hack” because if u save styledtext.rtfdata, it replaces 1 endofline with 2. So, when u load the originally saved rtfdata into a styledtext object, the line spacing is truly messed up. Is there something I’m not doing right (have always adhered to the docs) or is it an ongoing styledtext bug that has existed for years?

Is this on Windows or Mac?

Windows exhibits the problem. …

“fix” involves replacing \par\par in the rtfdata with \par for a single run. So id assume it’s an ongoing bug possibly?

Can’t seem to find anything about it at first glance. I’ll see if I can try it on Windows 7 later today

Other developers ive chatted with say its a bug which has always exists, so they all automatically throw in the bug fix I mentioned if their software is to be crossplatform

#if targetwindows then
//the fix