We updated Styled HTML Field today to version 2.0.10. The StyledHTMLField is a set of classes for Xojo that allow you to export HTML from StyledText in a native TextArea control. The classes also allow you to create HTML emails.

This maintenance release has the following changes:

• Added ConnectionType for secure connections with ability to choose SSL2, SSL23, SSL3, TLSv1 and TLSv11, TLSV12 when Xojo 2014 R3 when it’s released.
• Added Paragraph Alignment to the demo application
• Removed PWEmbedImageSMTP. Now uses TCPSecureSocket but secure set to false for non-secure connections.
• Fixed deprecated items with current Xojo replacements.
• Fixed items found in project check
• Fixed old BKeeney URL’s in the demo app

More information including pricing, demos, downloads, and more at

Does this only go from StyledText -> HTML or does it work in reverse as well?

Only to HTML.

I forget where I saw it but there used to be a library to go from HTML to styled text.

WE version is planned ?

No, because there is no StyledText editor in Web Edition. You can create your own by extending the one of the WebSDK examples but then it’s already in HTML so it makes no sense.