Stuff Needed!

Anyone fancy a contract?
I need lots of stuff doing. Really, really quickly.
There’s tons of it.


Specifically …
I’ve got two objects, one called “kids” and another called “food”.

Now, Kids has a method called “Eat” which is meant to take a parameter object of type “Food”.
Problem is I keep getting violent exceptions.
All debug is irrational and “Food” is perfect.

Any ideas?


I’ve successfully refactored “Liquid1” and “Liquid2” into Gin & Tonic, and merged them together.
Now I’m considering how I join “Boot” and “Arse”…

I’d apply a timer to avoid unwanted exceptions.

when you merged them… did you shake? or stir?
and did you set OLIVE=TRUE or TWIST=TRUE
never ever set both to TRUE at the same time!!

Betting you forgot the Consume step :stuck_out_tongue:

You may want a #pragma disableBackgroundTasks, but I would advise against #pragma disableBoundsChecking