Studio Stable Server Admin

Brad and all:
Anybody know of a Database Manager/Admin program
that is compatible with the Studio Stable Database Server?

Anything that works with a SQLite database is compatible with the server. There are a few nice products written in Xojo.

If you use the SSD File API, you’ll need something that specifically recognizes it.

[quote=107330:@Brad Hutchings]
If you use the SSD File API, you’ll need something that specifically recognizes it.[/quote]
That’s what I’m looking for. I have the server deployed
on a headless machine.

That complicates things a bit. You really need to administer the database from a client while it’s running on a headless machine? For that kind of requirement, I’d recommend stepping up to PostgreSQL or MySQL and using the MBS plugins to connect your Xojo app. SSD has always been intended for lighter weight, zero maintenance installations. Of course, you could also write your own remote viewer/manager using the client API. The one thing you should avoid is trying to admin the file over file sharing network. That will be a disaster.

Hi John,

Here is the link to a SQLite database editor I wrote a few years back.
It has full support for Studio Stable Database, but I haven’t tested it in a while though, so not sure if still works with the latest versions of SSD.

If at some point I can get the source code recovered from a machine of mine whose motherboard blown, I’ll publish the code of SmartData at GitHub. It was written in pure Real Basic.

It can also be used to edit SQLite databases directly.

Thanks, Alwyn, I’ll give it a shot.

For final deployment the SSD server will be fine. I have an application with local data + a limited amount of remote cloud data in an active development phase and was hoping to simplify the tweaking of the remote side.
You know clients, “Oh, we need this here and out there, too.”

You’re welcome, and I hope SmartData can help. I had the exact same need, hence why I wrote the program in the first place.