Stuck in key pressed (newbie)

Hi, I’m stuck in a key pressed problem.

I can get web-page keypressed to work, but not container key pressed (started in runtime).
But textarea with keypressed works…

But all of these I’m not getting other keys through… (I want to use up and down arrow for something else) but the other letters I would like to se my text areas get them… now the just dissappear… is this a problem with return ?

I can se my letter a little while but then it goes away again. How can I make them stay :slight_smile:

Up and down are inoperative in Internet Explorer.

Ooops, internet explorer are people still using it :slight_smile:

Is this also true for the new browser in windows 10 ?

Since both use the same rendering engine, I would be very much inclined to believe so.

What you have to do is to catch KeyDown instead, in JavaScript.