Structure Xojo files

Hello my friends,
Sometimes I need to find a method I created in a program that I can’t find. For that I created a program which allows me to browse a list of files with search for a particular word.
With a text file it works fine but with an “rbp” file I can’t find its exact structure so that I have something clean.
For example I find Null characters (chr (0)), end, srclStrn, …
I would like to find the beginning and the end of each sentence and without the cabalistic signs.
If anyone could help me I would be so grateful.
Thank you.

Export all projects as xml (text, instead of binary) ?

Hello Emile,
Thank you.
You mean that I have to save the files in XML outside of RB (Xojo)?

.rbp and .xojo_binary_project are binary files.

They can be saved as xml (text; only one file) or .bas (native, multiple files).

Of course, you need a lcense to be able to do that.

Else, you are on your own to decode a proprietary and undocumented file.

I don’t know if this applies to your particular needs, but I use Notepad++ to search a directory of files for a term and then open the hits in Xojo and use the search function in Xojo to get directly to the method.

Emile : My need is not great enough to acquire a license.
Tim : I wasn’t familiar with this option in Notepad++ but it does exactly what I wanted to do programmatically.
Thanks you both!