Stripe Web/Desktop Payments & Subscriptions (Release)

I just released the public version of the Stripe Payments/Subscriptions Modules at:

in the XDS online store. The unencrypted modules and demo application is only $25.00! Stripe is an online payment service with better rates than PayPal, no waiting for payments, no pending payments, and NO branding like PayPal! Your user never has to leave your web/desktop application and never sees any 3rd party branding.

The latest encrypted demos (expire July 1st, 2014) can be downloaded from
Go ahead, test it out before you decide to buy. If you have any questions just ask.

Using Node.Js, all JavaScripts related to payment processing are performed server-side, so that the client can never perform any malicious payment acts, or hack your Stripe account/credentials. Node is a server-side JavaScript interpreter, unlike well-known “regular” JavaScript which is interpreted Client-Side.

Check it out! It’s the cheapest Xojo payments solution available, and there’s no complexity to it!

Using basic web edition controls, I even give you demos to illustrate just a few of Stripe’s capabilities.

Demonstrating CardTokens, One-Click Payments with simple Cart, Plan Creations/Deletion (Admin privilege, not end-user), and General Subscription management

One-Click Payment invoice created from the simple Cart contents

Desktop application making a payment through our Web Edition Application/Server

Here’s Some of the Functions you can Perform:

StripeInitialize() - Prepares Stripe for Payment interactions.
StripeGrabCardID(Input as String) as String - Returns the cardID from Stripe output
StripeGrabToken(Input as String) as String - Returns the Token from Stripe output
StripeReturn(extends stripeResponse as String, StripeMessage as String) as Boolean - Returns whether or not a tag is present in the response (ie for checking if an error occurred or the request succeeded.)

The following return a JSON string of the Stripe Output:
currency is always in 3-character ISO format, price is always in cents

StripeCreateCardToken(CardNumber as String, ExpirationMonth as String, ExpirationYear as String, CCV as String) as String - 16 digit card number, 2 digit expirationmonth, 4 digit expirationyear

Creating Customer Objects (for saving customer payment details for later charges):
StripeCreateCustomer(Token as String, Email as String) as String

StripeCancelSubscription(CustomerID as String, SubscriptionID as String) as String
StripeCreateSubscription(CustomerID as String, Plan as String) as String
StripeListAllSubscriptions(custID as String) as String
StripeRetrieveSubscription(CustomerID as String, SubscriptionID as String) as String
StripeUpdateSubScription(CustomerID as String, SubscriptionID as String, Plan as String) as String

StripeCreatePlan(Price as String, Interval as String, iCurrency as String, Name as String, ID as String) as String - ID is a single word (ie gold,silver,platinum), Name is the full name of the plan.
StripeDeletePlan(ID as String) as String
StripeListAllPlans() as String
StripeRetreivePlan(ID as String) as String
StripeUpdatePlan(ID as String, NewName as String) as String

StripeChargeCard(Token as String, Email as String, iCurrency as String, Price as String) as String - Email is used for the customer descriptor. (could use an acct # or anything in email’s place)
StripePaymentSuccessful(StripeMessage as String) as Boolean - Returns if the payment failed or succeeded.

StripeGetErrorCode(StripeMessage as String) as String - Returns Card Errors.
StripeGetErrorMessage(StripeMessage as String) as String - (English only/Best to use StripeGetErrorCode)

StripeEncryption(data as String, key as String) as String - Returns 128-bit encrypted SSL strength string

Source and Licensed Code Available for $25.00USD in the XDS Store at:

Has this needed to be updated in the last two years?

It has been updated and maintained as needed. Please visit the site to obtain the IDE demo version that is the same as the full version, except cannot be compiled into an executable. All our controls and classes have “try before you buy” IDE-only versions available.

Hi! I need more info but the site is unavailable…
where I can find this module?


Resurrecting an old thread but I need Stripe integration and someone recommended this one. Trouble is the site went offline for a few days last October! What is everyone’s recommendation now please?

This is worse than resurrecting a corpse. A couple years ago, I tried to help an unfortunate Xojo user who had actually ordered the class, and could never get any assistance…

The author’s last active status in the forum is hidden, even. Says more than a lot.

Hence my last line asking “What is everyone’s recommendation now please?”

I realise the other class is probably dead.

At the time this forum member I talked about had bought, the Stripe class was sold as working. But it did not. But without support, no dice.

[quote=482890:@Michel Bujardet]
The author’s last active status in the forum is hidden, even. Says more than a lot.[/quote]
His last post was 5 months ago
Whether he’s logged in and read things since then we cant tell

Its not encouraging for anyone trying to get support for his code

EDIT : the message on the site is

note the date - thats also 5 months or so old

he was active at fb xojo group 28. March.

Who has been able to integrate stripe I am currently stuck

Miguel, it might best to make a new thread with any specific questions you have, what you have tried, where you are stuck etc.


The Chilkat plug-in has stripe examples:

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