StringShape Documentation

The lang ref entry for StringShape (Object2D) says

yet I am seeing this to not be the case… as in strings with LineBreaks, rotate and display quite well…

Is this something that was “fixed” in Xojo, but the docs never updated???

It might not work on all platforms? Don’t know, though.

either way the docs may not be right…

The last time I worked with StringShapes, it was XOJO 2016r3. So, things may have changed with newer releases. It would allow multi-line text, but I found out that behavior was unpredictable. When rotated, parts of the text were getting cut off. My interpretation of their statement, “Strings that contain line breaks are not supported,” is that they can’t guarantee that it will behave as expected/desired, and it’s a “work in progress” or maybe not. I ended up making a separate stringshape for each line of text. This made it a bit of a pain to rotate text, but at least it worked as expected.