String RealBasic.Encoding To Xojo.Core.Encoding

Here is my issue:

I used to determine the The Encoding of a local string using the older RealBasic version of the command. Then, as a second step, use that encoding in a SQL command. It used to work!

Dim lclSqlsFieldData As String
Dim lclSqlsFieldEncoding As Encoding
lclSqlsFieldEncoding = Encoding(lclSqlsFieldData)
lclSqlsFieldData = pAppsCmds.CmdArray.TabsInfo(ixIndexTabs).run.TabsAdoRecs.Column(lclSqlsFieldName).StringValue.DefineEncoding(lclSqlsFieldEncoding) ’ WORKS V3 - 2019-1011

Updating the code recently, I placed two commands for Core and IO before and any variation of the command I use gives me syntax errors on the encoding assignment:

Using Xojo.Core
Using Xojo.IO
Dim lclSqlsFieldData As String
Dim lclSqlsFieldEncoding As Xojo.Core.Encoding

Now I’m stuck, I get syntax errors on many different variations of the assignment and can not get past the new syntax for the encoding and sql steps. Apparently, the following syntax is for streams??? Know I’m doing something wrong.

lclSqlsFieldEncoding = Xojo.Core.TextEncoding(lclSqlsFieldData)
lclSqlsFieldEncoding = lclSqlsFieldData.Xojo.Core.Encoding

Any thoughts are appreciated… Frank